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CSP and its Partner Schools are committed to working together to improve the quality of charter schools in Minnesota. In order to receive access to all of the Core and Select Programs available through CSP, Partner Schools will:

1. Sign the Quality Contract (see below).

2. Pay invoices on a timely basis.

3. Agree to allow CSP to use the Partner School’s name in all marketing materials and on its website.

If you are in agreement with these terms, please fill out the information below and sign.
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    CSP Partner Schools sign this Quality Contract to signify their pledge to provide a high caliber educational experience for all of their students. The school leader’s signature reflects a belief in the core tenets that ground Charter School Partners’ mission to advance quality in Minnesota’s charter schools:

    MISSION: We will set measurable, ambitious goals for student achievement and these goals will drive all school related activity.

    LEADERSHIP: We believe that effective school leaders are the cornerstones of successful schools; our school leaders will be compelling instructional and cultural leaders for our school. We believe that effective teachers are the most critical factor determining student success; we will employ rigorous hiring and evaluation criteria to ensure that we are providing our students with teachers of the highest quality.

    RIGOR AND ACCOUNTABILITY: We will commit to a curriculum and an educational experience that is grounded in the expectation that every child will be college ready. We accept no excuses for a low-performing charter school--we will succeed, turn it around, or shut it down. We are committed to engaging in only the highest standards of professional business practices.

    FLEXIBILITY AND INNOVATIVE COLLABORATION: We will do “whatever it takes” to increase student achievement at our school. We will participate in creating and fostering a community of impact among Minnesota charter schools in order that we can collaboratively improve the quality of our students’ educations.

    DATA-DRIVEN CULTURE: We will make judicious and regular use of research-based assessments to drive our instructional practice. We will employ diagnostic, formative and summative assessments. We will use fact-based decision making when marshalling our academic and business resources.
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