• CSP will nurture and grow high quality schools.
  • CSP will increase the number of high achieving charter schools
    and increase the number of at-risk students being served
    by high achieving charters in Minnesota.
  • CSP will ensure every child in Minnesota has the opportunity
    to attain an education that allows him or her to succeed in life
    - no matter what income or zip code.
  • Charter quality is more important than quantity.
    Growth is not an end in itself.
  • CSP will do whatever it takes to close
    Minnesota's achievement gap.
   New Schools for  
New Schools for the Twin Cities

Charter School Partners strategic focus for New Schools for the Twin Cities is to help create 20 new high-performing, high-achieving charter schools in the next five years serving Twin Cities-area families who previously have not had access to excellent schools. This aggressive timetable reflects CSP's sense of urgency that all children deserve a world-class education no matter their zip code or income levels.

The goal of 20 new schools will be accomplished through several different vehicles including CSP's FellowshipCSP's Charter Start, replication of existing high-performing charter schools (home grown charter networks), as well as attracting selective national and regional charter networks that are a cultural fit to Minnesota's educational landscape. 

As the Walton Family Foundation designated grant partner in Minnesota, CSP helps facilitates as much as $250,000.00 in start-up grants for qualified schools. 

Better Choices: Charter incubation as a strategy 
for improving the charter school sector

CSP’s Al Fan was part of a December 7, 2011 panel of national experts for CEE-Trust and Fordham Institute forum from Washington, DC on Driving Quality: Can charter incubators solve the problem of too many mediocre charter schools? Al discussed CSP’s incubator efforts to launch new high performing charter schools via CSP's Fellowship and other start-up and replication efforts.

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