• CSP will nurture and grow high quality schools.
  • CSP will increase the number of high achieving charter schools
    and increase the number of at-risk students being served
    by high achieving charters in Minnesota.
  • CSP will ensure every child in Minnesota has the opportunity
    to attain an education that allows him or her to succeed in life
    - no matter what income or zip code.
  • Charter quality is more important than quantity.
    Growth is not an end in itself.
  • CSP will do whatever it takes to close
    Minnesota's achievement gap.
   Charters 2.0

Charters 2.0

In our first four years, CSP has emerged as a strong advocate for high expectations and performance in Minnesota charter schools as well as for the broader education reform in the state. CSP will further expand its work in this area in 2014-2015.

Research: CSP has undertaken significant efforts to research academic accountability and what it says about the quality of education in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Department of Education's Multiple Measurement Rating system provides a distinction between high impact and low impact schools. View background information here.  For instance, this framework shows that only 15% of children in Minneapolis are educated at a high impact school. View our seats analysis here. In response to this data, CSP has created a parent focused website, Minneapolisschoolfinder.org, that allows parents to search for the best educational option for their child in their neighborhood. 

Legislative: In recent legislative sessions, CSP has introduced Charters 2.0, a bold series of legislative initiatives that will increase the number of high-performing charter schools in Minnesota, initiatives that will even further improve one of the nation’s strongest charter laws ensuring sufficient flexibility, accountability, and funding.

Systemic K-12 Reform: In other states and communities, charters play a pivotal role in improving public education and closing the opportunity gap. As with the groundbreaking “alternative teacher certification” legislation that was enacted in 2011, CSP aims to help shape the discussion at the state Capitol on other systematic reform initiatives, including improving teacher quality, collaboration between charters and districts, and more focused efforts to address chronically low-performing schools.

Coalition Building/Grassroots: CSP will continue to help develop a new coalition of education reform partners – including parents, teachers, and community groups focused on improving the quality of all public schools in Minnesota.

Media: As the “go to” expert on charter school excellence, CSP will maintain its strong presence in the media by highlighting successful Partner Schools and quality charter issues. CLICK HERE to see past op-eds and articles.   

Blog: CSP’s blog has become one of the fastest growing and most frequently visited education blogs in Minnesota with its focus on the latest national, state and local efforts to increase quality and achievement in our state’s charter schools.  CLICK HERE to visit the CSP Blog. 

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